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Easy yet extensible integration

Tools for managers & developers

IFS offers various methods for managing your orders. Our online portal delivers a rich interface in which you can manage your orders.

For developers we offer a rich API & webhooks for your automation needs.

  • Flexible API
  • Dashboard & Order Management User Interface
  • Secure portal & API endpoints using SSL
  • Support at every step

Order Management UI


Your hub to view recent orders, check status & navigate


Search & drill down on order details using your critera


Create, edit and change status on your orders

Automate With Web Services

Restful API & Webhooks

  • RESTful API for data access and manipulation
  • Receive status updates via webhooks
  • Test your API access through our sandbox site

For more information on our web services read our API docs.

Multi-Channel Support

IFS supports single logins with access to multiple channels for businesses that host more than one entity. This feature is available for both our web services & online user interface.

Getting Started

Step 1: Partnership

If you are not currently a partner or have not yet had a conversation with our fulfillment department, please contact them at

Step 2: Register with IFS

Once you are established as a fulfillment partner please register. To register click here . Once you register and confirm your email an administrator will review your submission in order to set you up with the correct permissions to access your dashboard and API.