Model Name: IFSOrderPOSTItemDTO
Quantity : integer

Quantity of items being ordered.

SKU : string

Your item id for the part being ordered.


Max length: 100

Description : string

Description of the item


Max length: 255

RetailPrice : decimal number

Price of the item sold to the public

TopBorder : decimal number

Matboard Top Border Width (*If Applicable)

BottomBorder : decimal number

Matboard Bottom Border Width (*If Applicable)

LeftBorder : decimal number

Matboard Left Border Width (*If Applicable)

RightBorder : decimal number

Matboard Right Border Width (*If Applicable)

Images : Array<IFSOrderImageDTO>

Images to be included in the order


Package : string

Identifier that determines items that are packaged with this item

If left as null, then the default packaging will be applied to the end product Use the "package" API endpoint to determine which packages are available for your role

ItemID : string

Order Item Identifier Each item in an order must have a unique identifier.

If your company uses specific item ID's please use that, otherwise sequential numbering is acceptable


Max length: 50