Order - GET

Get details on a single order.


Request Information

id : string

Order Number

URL encode reserved characters


role : string

Response Information

BusinessName : string

Name of The Business

Copy : integer

Index of an item within a group

CustomerDueDate : date

The date to be in the customer's hands

DateAdded : date

The date the order was created.

DateShipped : date

The date the item was shipped to the customer

Description : string

Your description for the product ordered

DueDate : date

Date due for completion.

FrameNumber : string

A unique identifier for an order item. There can be multiple copies of a single frame number.

ImageURL : string

URL for the product's image file

OrderNumber : string

Your order number.

ShippingAddress1 : string

Shipping Address

ShippingAddress2 : string

Shipping Address Extended

ShippingCity : string

Shipping City

ShippingCountry : string

Shipping Country

ShippingMethod : string

Shipping Method

ShippingName : string

Shipping Name

ShippingName1 : string

Shipping Name Extended

ShippingName2 : string

Shipping Name Extended

ShippingPhone : string

Shipping Phone Number

ShippingState : string

Shipping State Or Province

ShippingEmail : string

Shipping Email

ShippingZip : string

Shipping Zipcode

ShipTrackingNumber : string

Number to Track The Shipment

ShipVia : string

Carrier who does the shipping. Options: FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL

StoreNumber : string

Identifier for your entity

VendorSKU : string

Your item id for the part being ordered.

TrackURI : string

URL To Track Your Shipment

Status : string

Status of your order Possible Values: [Held, New, Processing, Shipped]

ShippingCharges : decimal number

Status of your order Possible Values: [Held, New, Processing, Shipped]

ItemCost : decimal number

Cost For An Item

GiftMessage : string

Gift message to the recipient

Qty : integer

The count of units within this item

DutiesPaid : integer

Duties Pay Type:

Options-- True: Indicates duties are paid by the sender

Options-- False(*default): Indicates duties are paid by the recipient (end user)

Response Formats

application/json, text/json

  "businessName": "test 2",
  "copy": 3,
  "customerDueDate": "2024-04-13T12:49:55.6701608-07:00",
  "dateAdded": "2024-04-13T12:49:55.6701608-07:00",
  "dateShipped": "2024-04-13T12:49:55.6701608-07:00",
  "description": "test 4",
  "dueDate": "2024-04-13T12:49:55.6701608-07:00",
  "frameNumber": "test 5",
  "imageURL": "test 6",
  "orderNumber": "test 7",
  "shippingAddress1": "test 8",
  "shippingAddress2": "test 9",
  "shippingCity": "test 10",
  "shippingCountry": "test 11",
  "shippingMethod": "test 12",
  "shippingName": "test 13",
  "shippingName1": "test 14",
  "shippingName2": "test 15",
  "shippingPhone": "test 16",
  "shippingState": "test 17",
  "shippingEmail": "test 18",
  "shippingZip": "test 19",
  "shipTrackingNumber": "test 20",
  "shipVia": "test 21",
  "storeNumber": "test 22",
  "vendorSKU": "test 23",
  "trackURI": "test 24",
  "status": "test 25",
  "shippingCharges": 26.0,
  "itemCost": 27.0,
  "giftMessage": "test 28",
  "qty": 29,
  "dutiesPaid": 1

application/xml, text/xml

<OrderDetailDTO xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/FOTS.DTO">
  <BusinessName>test 2</BusinessName>
  <Description>test 4</Description>
  <FrameNumber>test 5</FrameNumber>
  <GiftMessage>test 28</GiftMessage>
  <ImageURL>test 6</ImageURL>
  <OrderNumber>test 7</OrderNumber>
  <ShipTrackingNumber>test 20</ShipTrackingNumber>
  <ShipVia>test 21</ShipVia>
  <ShippingAddress1>test 8</ShippingAddress1>
  <ShippingAddress2>test 9</ShippingAddress2>
  <ShippingCity>test 10</ShippingCity>
  <ShippingCountry>test 11</ShippingCountry>
  <ShippingEmail>test 18</ShippingEmail>
  <ShippingMethod>test 12</ShippingMethod>
  <ShippingName>test 13</ShippingName>
  <ShippingName1>test 14</ShippingName1>
  <ShippingName2>test 15</ShippingName2>
  <ShippingPhone>test 16</ShippingPhone>
  <ShippingState>test 17</ShippingState>
  <ShippingZip>test 19</ShippingZip>
  <Status>test 25</Status>
  <StoreNumber>test 22</StoreNumber>
  <TrackURI>test 24</TrackURI>
  <VendorSKU>test 23</VendorSKU>